ESR series High Power Three Phases SSR
High dielectric strength over 4KV
High isolation strength over 100M[ /500VDC
With Over-heat protection circuit (120J)
High surge current sustenance over 10 times.
High surge voltage sustenance.
Conformity with EN60947-4-3BEN60950.
Picture Model Rated current Surge current 12t for Fuse Input Voltage Output Voltage
ESR-25DA 25A 275A 259A2S 4~32 VDC 24~380VAC
ESR-40DA 40A 410A 664A2S
ESR-60DA 60A 850A 1800A2S
ESR-80DA 80A 1200A 3200A2S
ESR-100DA 100A 1750A 7200A2S
ESR-25DA-H 25A 275A 259A2S 90~480VAC
ESR-40DA-H 40A 410A 664A2S
ESR-60DA-H 60A 850A 1800A2S
ESR-80DA-H 80A 1200A 3200A2S
ESR-100DA-H 100A 1750A 7200A2S
ESR-25AA 25A 275A 259A2S 20~265 VAC/DC 24~380VAC
ESR-40AA 40A 410A 664A2S
ESR-60AA 60A 850A 1800A2S
ESR-80AA 80A 1200A 3200A2S
ESR-100AA 100A 1750A 7200A2S
ESR-25AA-H 25A 275A 259A2S 90~480VAC
ESR-40AA-H 40 410A 664A2S
ESR-60AA-H 60A 850A 1800A2S
ESR-80AA-H 80A 1200A 3200A2S
ESR-100AA-H 100A 1750A 7200A2S

Picture Current of Load Heat Sink Cooling fan
< 12A Non-required Non-requied
< 24A
HS-ESR-100 Non-required
> 24A HS-ESR-100 80x80 mm (AC220V) (High Efficient type)

  • To protect the solid state module against a short-circuit of the load.
    Please apply with a fast-burned fused which value of 12t must be less than half of the specified value.
  • The thermal conductive silicone rubber (K > 4.5) or thermal grease is required.
    when the solid state module is mounted on a heat sink.
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