Multi-function Paddle Wheel Flow meter¡iKTS / KTP / KTM series¡j

¡½ Accuracy is less than ¡Ó 1.0% of F.S.
¡½ Pulse rate¡]K - factor¡^is settable
¡½ Unit of Flow total meter is selectable ¡]Liter/Gallon/Kilo-liter¡^
¡½ Unit of pulse is selectable ¡]LPP/GPP/KLPP¡^
¡½ Status of Flow rate meter limit output¡]NO/NC¡^is changeable
¡½ Power on delay time is settable for Flow rate meter limit output
KTP series
¡¯ Limit of Flow rate meter + Flow total meter are settable
¡¯ Communication RS-485 is optioned
KTM series
¡¯ Limit of Flow rate meter + Flow total meter are settable
¡¯ Transmitter¡Gboth of¡i4 ~ 20mA¡jor¡i0 ~ 5V¡j
KTS series
¡¯ Limit of Flow rate meter is settable
¡¯ Flow rate meter limit output¡GRelay¡]1a¡^
¡¯ Unit of pulse is selectable¡]LPP/GPP/KLPP¡^
Guiding of model
¡uKTM¡v= Paddle Wheel Flow rate Meter with transmitter
¡uKTP¡v= Paddle Wheel Flow rate Meter& Flow total meter
¡uKTS¡v= Paddle Wheel Flow rate Meter
¡uKTW¡v= Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor
2¡GPipe size
¡u15¡v=¡uDN15¡]1/2¡¨¡^¡v /¡u20¡v=¡uDN20¡]3/4¡¨¡^¡v
¡u25¡v=¡uDN25¡]1¡¨¡^¡v/ ¡u40¡v=¡uDN40¡]1 1/2¡¨¡^¡v
3¡GCommunication or Transmitter
¡uNon¡v= Without communication
¡uRS¡v= KTP series with RS-485 or MODBUS selectable
¡uA¡v= KTM & KTW series with Transmitter ¡]4 ~ 20mA¡^
¡uV¡v= KTM & KTW series with Transmitter¡]0 ~ 5V¡^
¡uP¡v= KTW series pulse output only
4¡GMaterial of Union
¡uPP¡v= PP
¡uPF¡v= PVDF
¡uPVC¡v= PVC
¡uST¡v= SUS 316
5¡GConnection method
¡uNon¡v= Lead wire¡]3m¡^
¡u5m¡v= Lead wire¡]5m¡^
¡uM12¡v= Connector M12

General Data
Specification Description
Fluid Water or Chemical fluid
Accuracy ¡Ó 2.0¢H of F.S. @ 25¢J
Flow velocity 10 m / s max.
Low cut 0.3 m / s min.
Operating press. 5 kg / cm2
Range ability 10 : 1
Response time Real time
Material Paddle¡GTefzel ¡FBody¡GPP
Operating temperature ¡uPVC¡v¡Õ 50¢J/¡uPP¡v¡Õ 80¢J/¡uPF¡v¡Õ 100¢J/¡uST¡v¡Õ 120¢J
Operating circumstance -20¢J ~ +80¢J¡F35% ~ 85% RH
Protection class IP-65
Approval CE

Product Flow meter Flow sensor
Model KTS ¡V ¡¼¡¼ KTP ¡V ¡¼¡¼ KTM ¡V ¡¼¡¼ KTW ¡V ¡¼¡¼
Operating voltage 10 ~ 30VDC 12~24VDC
Current consumption 60mA max. 60mA max.
Flow rate meter¡]LPM¡^ 0.0 ~ 999.9 LPM¡]4 digits¡^ Non
Control output¡]LPM¡^ Relay NPN¡]150mA max.¡^ Non
Flow Total meter¡]FTM¡^ Non 0 ~ 999999¡]6 digits¡^ Non
Control output¡]FTM¡^ Non NPN¡]150mA max.¡^ Non
Transmitter NPN Pulse output Non 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5V 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5V
Communication Non RS-485¡]Optioned¡^ Non Non
Approval CE
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