Spark Quencher - SQ Series
SQ Seriesˇ@Spark Quencher
ˇ˝ TO Extend the Life of contact.
ˇ˝ To Quench the Spark of Contact.
ˇ˝ To Quench the Noiseof power Line.
ˇ˝ To Quench the Surge of Voltage.
Type Load Wire Type PCB Type
Model SQ1 - 211W SQ3 - 351W SQ3 - 511W SQ1 - 115P
Phase Single phase Three phase Single phase
Operating Voltage Max. 250 VAC 300 VAC 550 VAC 250 VAC
Max. Darted Voltage 750Vp - p / 1ms 900Vp - p / 1ms 1500Vp - p / 1ms 500Vp - p / 1ms
Length of wire


Operating Temp / Hum.

-20˘J ~ +80˘JˇF35% ~ 85% RH

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