Temperature Sensor - TS Series
TS1 Screw Type TS2 Screw Type Guiding of Model
1. Product
2. Shape
3. Type of Sensor
  RT¡GRTD PT-100£[
4. Diameter of protection Tube
5. Length of Protection Tube
  Does not contain the sprial tooth length, any length may accept charge ordering. Unit=mm
6. Fixed Method
  Mut Type¡GM6¡BM8¡BW1/4¡BW5/16
Screw Type¡GPt1/4¡BPt3/8¡BPt1/2
7. Connection Method
Lead Wire Type Trimmer Types
S1¡GStainless Net Coat 0.32x4
S2¡GStainless Net Coat 0.65x1
T1¡GTeflon Coat 0.32x4
T2¡GTeflon Coat 0.65x1
P1¡GPVC Coat 0.32x4
P2¡GPVC Coat 0.65x1
KS¡GClosed Type
KN¡GClosed Type
TS¡GExposed Type
TL¡GExposed Type
8. Unit of Degree
non ¡GTerminal Type
9. Method of Control
  U¡GUngrounded Type
E¡GEx[psed Type
non ¡GGrounded Type
  ¡½ Except the above shape, we accept your order to manufacture.
TS3 Inserting Type TS4 Push Lock Type
TS5 Fast Coonector Type TS6 Fast Coonector Type
TS7 Close Terminal Type TS8 Close Terminal Type
TS9 Close Terminal Type TS10 Exposed Terminal Type
TS11 Exposed Terminal Type TS12 Surface Type
TS13 Surface Type TS14 Surface Type
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