Shock Absorber


Technical Data

Honing machines( Brand name: SUNNEN), CNC Multiple spindle manufacturing machine, Capability tester,Endurance Tester (Life tester),Force-Stroke Tester...etc.

When the shock absorber was affected by the force from outside, the main function of this testing machine is testing the relative curve between the pressure of inner tube undertake and the stroke of the shock absorber. That means through this curve, we ca judge the efficiency of the shock absorber absorb the kinetic energy by the force it was affected!!

Comparison of Shock Absorbing of Dash Pots, PU Rubbers, Springs and VIIRA Shock Absorbers

The springs and polyurethance are widespread to use in earlier period, but due to provide non-linear deceleration and to result in strong resistance, all the kinetic energy of moving objects is not absorption and produce counter pressure, this is in low efficiency.

If linear deceleration is necessary for a moving object. VIIRA Shock Absorber is your best choice.

Operating Principle of Shock Absorbers

VIIRA Shock Absorbers` main structure to combine with body, rod, bearing, inner tube, piston, fluid, spring. On impact the piston rod moves into the shock absorbers and the hydraulic fluid is push into accumulator to produce resistant force, the pressure in the inner tube remains constant throughout the entire impact stroke. VIIRA Shock Absorbers providing a linear deceleration and brings the impacting object to stop smoothly and quietly. At the end of the impact stroke, the return spring pushes the piston to its original position for next cycle.

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