Automatic Drainers - OEM / custom made


Operating pressure:
0 ~ 9 kg / c㎡
Proof pressure : 17 kg/c㎡
Ambinet temperature : + 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Features :

Automatic Drainer AD-200 is equipped with NBR foaming float ball, which is light in weight, and does not absorb water. This float ball is very sensitive to water surface
buoyancy and quick to respond, when the water in filter cup reaches limit, the float ball will trigger the discharge to automatically drain.

Float ball sizes:

36 mm Dia. x 20.0 mm H.

Compatible with various brands:

Japanese : Kuroda, CKD, Koganei, Taiyo, SMC
European : Camozzi, Pneumax, Univer, Metal Work, Ultrafilter, Walker,, Aircel, Atlas Copco, Domnick Hunter, Donaldson, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Parker, Quincy
America : Parker, Numatics, Norgren, M/P, COILHOSE, Arrow, Wilkerson , Watts, Atlas Copco, Donaldson, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Beko, Zeks, Van Air

Compatible PC bowl diameters:

14m/m, 16m/m, 18m/m, 1/8 NPS, etc.

~~~ OEM and custom made are welcome ~~~

Model : AD-200A

Model : AD-200A 1/2G

Model : AD-200C

Model : AD-200CB

Model : AD-200CB-L


Note : brass stem - custom made

Model : AD-200AB-F

Note : brass stem - custom made

Model : AD-200AB-M

2-in-1 manual & auto drain
brass stem: M14,16,18 for custom made.


Note : 1/8” outlet normally closed with manual by -pass


Note : Plastic stem for 14mm Ø, 16mm Ø


Note : brass stem for
a. 8, 10, 12mm Ø with hose end joint

b. 14, 16mm Ø with 1/8"G


Note : 1/8” outlet normally closed with manual by -pass

Custom made examples:

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