MS-02 Series
Groove :
MS - 02R MS - 02N MS - 02P MS - 02RN MS - 02RP MS - 02D
Wiring 2 Wire 3 Wire
Connect Diagram
Switching logic Normally open Solid state output, Normally open Normally open Solid state output
Output Reed switch NPN Sinking PNP Sourcing Reed switch ---
Lead wire type Horizontal
Load voltage 5 ~ 120V DC/AC 4.5~28V DC 10~28V DC
Load current 50mA Max. 50mA Max. 2.5~40mA
Current consumption --- 10mAMax.@ 24V 5mA @ 24V ---
Voltage drop 2.5V Max. 0.5V Max.@ 50mA (Resistive load) 0.1V Max. 3.5V Max.
Leakage current --- 50μA Max. --- 0.8mA Max.
Frequency 500Hz 1000Hz 500Hz 1000Hz
Shock 30G 50G 30G 50G
Vibration 90 m/s2 (9G), Double amplitude 1.5 mm
Insulation resistant DC 500V 100M Ω (Lead wire to case)
Withstand voltage AC 1000V (50/60Hz) 1minute (Lead wire to case)
CE & Protection IP EN60947-5-2      IEC529      IP67(NEMA 6)
Indicator Red LED
Cable 2.6,2C,Gray Pur 2.6,3C,Black Pur 2.6,2C,Gray Pur
Temperature range -10 ~ 70 ℃
Protection circuit --- Reverse polarity; Surge suppression --- Reserse : Surge
Reed Switch :
Solid N/P/D :
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